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  1. Shaktimuro says:
    The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today announced further extensions to the time allowed to file. Subscribe All news. Events. Sep 15, - Virtual. Safeguarding Trade Secrets in China’s Changing IP Landscape. Sep 22, - Virtual and Dallas, TX.
  2. Tule says:
    Trademark definition, any name, symbol, figure, letter, word, or mark adopted and used by a manufacturer or merchant in order to designate specific goods and to distinguish them from those manufactured or sold by others. A trademark is proprietary and is usually registered with the Patent and Trademark Office to assure its exclusive use by its owner or licensee.
  3. Arashigami says:
    Jun 20,  · Trademark: A trademark is a recognizable insignia, phrase or other symbol that denotes a specific product or service and legally differentiates it from all other products.
  4. Kajilar says:
    Trademark definition is - a device (such as a word) pointing distinctly to the origin or ownership of merchandise to which it is applied and legally reserved to the exclusive use of the owner as maker or seller. How to use trademark in a sentence.
  5. Febar says:
    What is a trademark? A trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Trademarks are protected by intellectual property rights.
  6. Nikodal says:
    For a more detailed view of the trademark process, and details on government processing times, click here. 1. Complete our trademark registration questionnaire. 2. We search the federal trademark database for direct conflicts. 3. Once documents are signed, we file your application with the USPTO.
  7. Mezisar says:
    Patent and trademark information in the United States, including free database searching of registered trademarks, registration information, pricing and contact phone numbers.
  8. Jutaur says:
    Aug 15,  · Trademark. A trademark is a more significant step identified with establishing brand recognition in the marketplace. A trademark can be associated with or .
  9. Neshicage says:
    Sep 09,  · Justia Trademarks is a free trademark service for finding a trademark by owner name, category or filing date.

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