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  1. Gardabar says:
    Examples of milestone in a Sentence the new drug was regarded as a milestone in the treatment of heart disease Recent Examples on the Web The approval from the Federal Aviation Administration is a milestone .
  2. Sataxe says:
    a significant event or stage in the life, progress, development, or the like of a person, nation, etc.: Her getting the job of supervisor was a milestone in her career.
  3. Moogukus says:
    Milestones Partners with DoDD for Ohio Family Network. We will provide tools and support resources to help grow caregiver and self-advocate leadership and social skills, as well as connect families with other local families and non-disability resources. Learn. give Donate to Milestones Annual Fund.
  4. Bralar says:
    A stone marker set up on a roadside to indicate the distance in miles from a given point. 2. An important event, as in a child's development, the history of a nation, or the advancement of knowledge in a field; a turning point. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.
  5. Goltisho says:
    Jun 10,  · Skills such as taking a first step, smiling for the first time, and waving “bye bye” are called developmental milestones. Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act, and move (crawling, walking, etc.). Click on the age of your child to see the milestones: 2 months.
  6. Fenrijind says:
    Milestones offers several events in an area near you. Child Care Aware of MN is a statewide network of agencies dedicated to assisting families, providers, and the community with child care information and services. Milestones' Child Care Aware program services Benton, Sherburne, Stearns, and Wright Counties.
  7. Shakazil says:
    Jan 24,  · There are a number of other childhood milestones to keep watch for. Pediatrician Michelle Bailey, MD, medical director of Duke Health Center at Author: Sherry Rauh.
  8. Voshicage says:
    Local news and latest Milestones stories from The Gazette journalists covering Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and the Corridor. Subscribe today.

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